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The Performing Poplar campaign has just 18 days left

The Performing Poplar campaign has just 18 days left & we need your help to make it happen!

We don’t want to ask you for cash – but we need to be able to prove the project has the support of a community. Everytime someone pledges another name is added to the list of people who back this project. Philanphropists, patrons & charitable organisations will only back this project if its wanted. https://www.spacehive.com/performingpoplar.

So please register your support & pledge £2 (minimum allowed on spacehive)

Performing Poplar – Performance Art call out and great opportunities


We will transform a disused, subterranean car park at the heart of an East London housing estate into a performance art specific studio and exhibition complex.

Working in co-operation with Poplar HARCA , this regeneration will position performance art at the heart of the estate and set ]performance s p a c e [ on track for real sustainability.

This one-off, unique opportunity will afford our organisation timely growth – not growing up for financial gain, but sideways to embrace our communities. Through the Performing Poplar development we will provide support to marginalised artists and local communities through access to space, development opportunities, artists bursaries, free exhibitions & events and an inclusive outreach programme.

What we’ll do:

Refurbish 40+ disused garages into affordable, self contained artist studios
Transform the 75 meter long suberranian road into a unique ‘runway’ exhibition space
Refurbish 2 disused garages into a community room
Refurbish 1 diused garage into a performance art library
Refurbish a series of disused garages into a kitchen, disabled accessible WC / showers

Why it’s a great idea:

We believe art is for everyone, that creativity should be at the heart of every community and everyday life. That the profound communicative skills of performance art can give people voice and a renewed sense of value.

The shear size and unique architecture of the space will allow us to create a radical hub for performance art where collaboration and criticality thrive.

Put simply this project has a three fold transformative agenda:

1. The physical and permanent regeneration of long term disused space at the heart of a Poplar housing estate.

2. Placing FREE year long arts programming and guided artistic development on the doorstep of thousands of East London residents.

3. The actuation of a self sustaining and self generative arts complex, able to exist autonomously of state allocated funding and resources.

Performing Poplar benefits EVERYONE!!
How we’ll get it done:

We have a strict project time line, two commited project managers and a fierce group of volunteers ready to go!
We have applied for planning permission, completed a resident consultation and agreed quotes for the building work.
We have secured Arts Council England funding for the inaugural creative programme to Launch in September 2014.

]performance s p a c e [ is different to commercial galleries and studio complexes in that we do not create art for sale or attempt to make profitable gain on studio rental.

As an artist led, community minded, non-profit organisation our focus is clear; we support artists to develop sophisticated visual languages (through their bodies) that engender intellectual and emotional exchange.

Performance art is about people, living and feeling in shared environments. As is clear in our mission statement, we want share this profound medium with as many people as possible.

Where better to start than at the heart of a social housing estate, in the most highly populated borough of the global city that is London?

Your support will establish Poplar as the new, global home for contemporary performance art, its makers and audiences.