The Snowman voyage

This year at the Mulberry Centre of Myatt’s Field Park in Lambeth,

Outside Puppets presented “The Snowman voyage”, an inclusive original Christmas story for the very early age children group.

The story starts with a bored snowman who meet an old yak roaming the mountain.

When the snowman kindly offer his help, the old yak reveals his magical power and send the snowman on a quest…


A few puppets of “The Snowman Voyage”‘s cast posing for the camera.

Fede Bogo and Ludovic Pujol on stage this winter.

Bepi and Toni

Outside Puppets were delighted to perform Bepi and Toni at Papa’s Caf Community Centre in Brixton.

The Young children laughed hard at the quirky puppets escaping from the aloof street cleaners clowns duo who were too busy arguing or napping away on duty…

outsidepuppetssocialchangespuppeteerworkshop outsidepuppetssocialchangesworkshopmaskmakingpuppetmakingpuppeteerpuppetrylondonuk

Ludovic Pujol and Fede Bogo performing in Toni and Bepi.

Dark Matter – 11th – 15th March 2014, 8pm

You can now buy tickets for “Dark Matter” performance in March at The Space.

11th – 15th March 2014, 8pm

People say your whole life flashes in front of your eyes before you die but what happens when you have dementia? What do you see? Are these your best memories? What did you keep? Are the memories real or things you have never experienced? Where does the brain go before we die?

‘Dark Matter’ came out of a collaboration between Vertebra Theatre and Outside Puppets collective.

It is an exploration of how people with dementia cope with the end of their life, the end of their memory.
Set in a contemporary Care Home, we use visual and physical storytelling methods including movement and puppetry to descend into the hallucinatory mind of a man “Alfi” who suffers from dementia in the twilight of his life. We follow his past and his hallucinations in order to make sense of his life. On the carer’s (Kate) and nurse’s (Anna) face, Alfi projects important people from his life, like his mother or fiancé Helen. He travels back to Italy when he was a child and years later at the observatory where he spent most of his life, jumping from memory to hallucination, from fantasy to reality.

Dark Matter is a devised-puppetry performance and was conceived wehn the founders of Vertebra Theatre were working as activity coordinators with people with Dementia at a Nursing Home in London.

It is the directorial debut of Mayra Stergiou and writing debut of Eirini Dermitzaki.
Vertebra Theatre Company, is a newly formed company and Dark Matter is its first theatre production.

Bon Appetit

World Premiere in Charleville-Mézières – World Puppetry Festival sept 2013 1377379_305111332960127_926267163_n

1382314_305111836293410_1206901074_n 1467246_325061377631789_1906859786_n A minimalist piece of street clownish puppetry using discarded materials otherwise called (a selection of the finest) rubbish.

Outside Puppets’s take on our perversion of the food-chain through an irreverent journey from the deep dark weird very bottom of the oceans to the Nouvelle Cuisine dish of an arrogant 5 star restaurant.

Who will be eaten last?

Family audience (+2)

Duration: 15-20min

Crew: 4

Tech: A street and a selection of the finest rubbish around.


photo Yi Wang
photo Yi Wang
photo Yi Wang

In a Food Lab, scientists Wagner and Vladimir are attempting to create the ultimate super food aided by their psychotic drug lover guinea-pig. As the experiment progresses, the excitement grows, fumes and gazes go loose, mistakes happens and things get out of hands. The result of the experiment is nothing like what was expected…

The Experiment is a comical and satirical take on the food industry and its alchemical secrets cabaret performance using muppets and rod puppets.

 Family audience (+12)

Duration: 20min

Crew: 4

Tech: A table and spotlights.

Laptop playback for sound, or we can bring portable sound.