The Snowman voyage

This year at the Mulberry Centre of Myatt’s Field Park in Lambeth,

Outside Puppets presented “The Snowman voyage”, an inclusive original Christmas story for the very early age children group.

The story starts with a bored snowman who meet an old yak roaming the mountain.

When the snowman kindly offer his help, the old yak reveals his magical power and send the snowman on a quest…


A few puppets of “The Snowman Voyage”‘s cast posing for the camera.

Fede Bogo and Ludovic Pujol on stage this winter.

Bepi and Toni

Outside Puppets were delighted to perform Bepi and Toni at Papa’s Caf Community Centre in Brixton.

The Young children laughed hard at the quirky puppets escaping from the aloof street cleaners clowns duo who were too busy arguing or napping away on duty…

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Ludovic Pujol and Fede Bogo performing in Toni and Bepi.